Guatemala Natural – Blue Ayarza Carbonic Maceration


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First off, thank you so much for believing in GGRoastery and our ability to care for and roast amazing coffee’s.  The fact that you would commit to purchasing something we make before you’ve even tasted it is an honor.  Without further delay…


THIS is the first snob series roast from GGRoastery.  We present to you a Guatemala Natural that is a truly unique coffee.  This “Blue Ayarza Carbonic Maceration” is a high grown Guatemalan coffee that has been fermented like wine with the whole coffee fruit still attached to the bean.  It is sealed in a tank devoid of oxygen and is allowed to ferment and “macerate” for a time to create a pronounced fruity and acidic flavor in the coffee bean.
This was already a carefully grown and selected lot of coffee that was very high scoring, it has only been elevated from there using this new processing technique.


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